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I am post-installation. I have Windows 7 and the newest version of Ubuntu. I am obviously an amateur because I screwed up on the partition for the hard drive during installation.

Now, obviously, my Ubuntu is out of space and Windows 7 has hogged all of my space. How do I "transfer" (parce?) more space from windows 7 to Ubuntu... if its at all possible without a re-installation. I have GParted if that helps. If someone knows the answer, please write a step by step for me and all the other noobs who screw up.

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Gparted can resize partitions. The Problem is it can't resize the running system. So the simplest way is to boot from USB or CD - just use whatever you installed Ubuntu from - and run Gparted from there. Then it should be no problem to shrink the Windows 7 ntfs partition and make Ubuntus ext4 one bigger.

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