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I want to install ubuntu on another computer but the computer does not have an internet connection. so i want to move the application from my laptop to the computer. Can we move it?

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Mmm...Yes and No. Yes-you can move packages to another computer,No-Not all but the cached Apps, Ubuntu caches most of the downloaded packages under var-cache-apt directory, If you didn't clear the cache recently, you can copy those files to the exact location in the other computer and use synaptic package manager to install them, there are some tools that makes it easier for you. I personally use Aptoncd for that, It backs up cached apps and restore when needed(In your case, it creates a ISO file of your cache and you can restore it on the other PC) there are few more tools do the same. In newer versions of Ubuntu, there is a integrated tool in Ubuntu software center's file menu called transfer between computers

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