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I've Googled a bit and not really found anything out. I want to install Crashplan for remote upload on Crashplan+. How painless is the installation and set up?

Crashplans site is lacking a lot of information from what I've looked at.

The server is headless and while it has GNOME installed, it's not used. So I need something completely console driven.

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This should work

There's some stuff at the end about editing the client on a mac but the first 2 commands are for Ubuntu installation and likely all you need

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As long as your usage on that server will be Set & Forget. You will find it very difficult to tweak CrashPlan settings without occasional GUI interaction. I have VNC access to mine for the occasional session - I find I am in there once or twice a month either checking on things or changing something.

You'll find that all the more important if your server is going to be the local backup destination as well as a client for the cloud service. If it's only the latter, you may indeed be Set & Forget in which case Meddy's answer is ALL you need.

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Good point, I SSH in tunelling X11 and just run CrashPlanDesktop – Sam Mar 13 '12 at 6:26

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