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I am trying out an ubuntu server in my home network and I am planning to use it as a dhcp server.

Since ubuntu is installed in a desktop with just 1 Ethernet port my question:

  1. Is it possible to configure both static public IP on the ethernet port at the same time that it is being used as a listening port for DHCP to distribute IP addresses on my network?
  2. If it is, will it have any negative effect on the connection speed?
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The answers to your querstions:

  1. It is possible to have two ip addresses on the same interface, and use dhcp-server with it. You will have to install the DHCP server using the command: sudo apt-get install dhcp3-server then configure using the steps given here:
  2. It will have no practical impact on your internet speed, as you're on a small home network.

Also note that you will have to set the routes and ip addresses for your ethernet interface using the network manager, or using the ip command. Hope this solves your query.

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Yes it is possible.

What you're looking for is sub-interfaces. Depending on the networking equipment you're using, it's also possible to do this with vlans.

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