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I am using my computer, do some work, use the chat, game, which any person does, but, of nothing I realize that the decoration of windows disappears, which leaves me without being able to conceal, maximize, minimize and close the windows. I use Ubuntu 11.10 of 64 bits, and have installed compiz config.

I use unity.

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can you please provide more details?,window decorations disabled after playing with compiz config settings manager? – Tachyons Mar 7 '12 at 4:02
Had same bug here. Happens sometimes. – H_7 Mar 7 '12 at 4:49

This tends to happen with Compiz, I have found. Whenever this happens to me, my entire top panel disappears.

Whenever this happens, you can remedy it by running terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and typing

unity --replace

If terminal won't launch, use Ctrl+Alt+F1 and run the same command after you enter your username and password. After you run unity --replace, press Ctrl+Alt+F7 to return to your desktop.

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Finally sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnome-panel did not work for me. And using Ctrl+Alt+F1 & F7 is pretty clever, that way you are not logged out. So I vote to remove my answer and vote for yours – Boris Mar 21 '12 at 18:46

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