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How do I Install Ubuntu on an iMac running OS X Lion on a SSD and Windows 7 on a HDD? I once successfully triple booted when I ran Snow Leopard, Windows 7, and Ubuntu. Now how can it be done with my more complicated and less forgiving lion set up?

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Have you tried using Bootcamp? This issue is documented in:

Section Triple Boot: Mac OSX, Windows, and Ubuntu

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I also would like to know that. Regarding answer LnxSIck provided, there is a problem. In Lion version of Mac OS there is hidden Recovery OS partition which is got ruined during Ubuntu installation and also after installing Ubuntu several users report that they can no longer boot into Windows cause it says no bootable system found, so there should be another way of installing Ubuntu without destroying Recovery Hidden Partition and Windows 7. The above guide works fine for the Leopard and earlier versions of Mac OS but doesn't work for Lion.

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