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In Ubuntu 10.10 I was using the rhythmbox-plugin-coherence package and I was happy to stream music from Rhythmbox to our internet radio box. But in 11.10 (64Bit) I can not find the package anymore, although this page claims it is in the repositories (as far as I understand). I first tried Rhythmbox 2.95 which should have a Grilo UPnP, but was not successful.

So installed the plugin according to this link with Rhythmbox 2.95:

sudo apt-get install subversion  
sudo apt-get install python-coherence  
sudo svn checkout /usr/lib/rhythmbox/plug


And I also tried:

svn checkout /home/cds/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/upnp_coherence

But there is still no UPnP Plugin to activate in Rhythmbox (Edit>Plugins). Did anybody manage to install this in Ubuntu 11.10 or does this plugin not work anymore with the newer versions of Rhythmbox?

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Coherence plugin does not install in newer versions of rhythmbox

A debian package rhythmbox-plugin-coherence built for 11.10 can be found on launchpad (see link). However this package depends on rhythmbox <0.14 and will not run with a newer version of rhythmbox. This may not change in the future as both the coherence plugin and the debian package is not included for 12.04.


  • DAAP shares from Rhythmbox:
    We are able to share our music by defining a DAAP share from the DAAP plugin in rhythmbox (Edit->Plugins):

    enter image description here

  • uShare Install ushare
    Another quite stable solution for UPnP shares is the command line tool uShare that also works independent of a running music player. After set up with

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure ushare

    we can share any directory or multiple directory by running

    ushare -D --name=<name_of_my_stream> --content=<path_to_mediafiles>  

    In case you are not so comfortable with the command line there is a GUI tool stream2ip that will do most of the work for you.

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Thanks a lot for the speedy answer! DAAP does not work for me, but ushare (sudo apt-get install ushare) could be configured with dpkg-reconfigure and I added to the start-up applications, wonderful. The actual folder system is available now on my internet network radio. – Filbuntu Mar 7 '12 at 5:50
Stream2ip offers streaming of playlists what is a cool feature. I will try to configure it when I have time. I liked the possibility in XBMC to browse through the collection by different tags (Genre, artists, compilations, recently added albums, ...), but I have not found a way to run it in the background. – Filbuntu Mar 7 '12 at 6:03

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