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I have Ubuntu 11.10 and Wine 1.3 1.3.28. I use my laptop for commercial presentations and it is common to attach it to a projector. I would like to use a Presentation Mode in Power Point where in one screen (the projector) the slides are shown, and in the laptop screen beside the slide itself, there are other boxes such as time, notes, and next slides to come. But in order to activate this mode, PowerPoint must be aware of the presence of 2 screens, which is not happening.

Does anyone know how to overcome this?


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This is a known bug, see for details.

Essentially, it's not currently possible at the moment because the functionality for detecting multiple displays is not implemented in WINE.

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blork explains that this is not supported by wine at this time. Please see his answer.

The link he cites notes that you could configure the displays such that the presentation is on the left (or top) and you can see the desktop and other open programs on the display to the right (or bottom) on the other monitor.

I don't suppose that's entirely satisfactory, but perhaps it's a help.

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