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I am running kubuntu 11.10 on my Pentium M Laptop (Acer Travelmate 292LCi) on an old 20GB HDD. (It's rather less HDD for Kubuntu 11.10, isn't it?)

Now, I know from older Linux distributions (like Suse or PCLos which I used some years ago) that the CD ROM Drive is mounted automatically and can also be seen in the Konquerer (or like in Kubuntu's case Dolphin).

Now, I partitioned the HDD and when I start Dolphin it says sda1 and sda2, but not the CD ROM Drive.

Question: Do I have to mount the CD ROM Drive first? (Because when I insert a CD in the drive the CD ROM Drive appears and I can read the content of the CD.) But I want the CD ROM Drive to be visible all the time, not only when I insert a CD. (Like it was the case with the Linux distributions I used some years ago and like it is the case in Windows)

Does anyone have a console-code or so for me concerning this matter?

Thank you, Thomas

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First you must see which mountpoint has your cdrom. Just insert a cd, have it mount it, and do a sudo fdisk -l.

After that eject the cd to unmount the cdrom drive.

Try and mount the cdrom manually:

mount /dev/CDROM_DRIVE /media/cdrom  

Either /media/cdrom or whatever directory you want cdrom mounted.

If it works, put that information on /etc/fstab to make it permanent

/dev/sdc0        /media/cdrom   iso9660 ro,user,noauto  0       0 
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