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Possible Duplicate:
Light easy to use Presentation software

I'm running lubuntu now, which uses lxde as its desktop manager. LibreOffice Impress seems a little not compatible with lxde. So I want to find another software that can substitute it. Can anyone suggest anything?

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what do you mean by "a little not compatible"? – fossfreedom Mar 5 '12 at 19:33
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As 'fossfreedom' said, it would be nice to know what doesn't seem to be compatible.
Cause maybe you can sort things out easily.

But if you want to try alternatives I would recommend trying "Calligra Stage". You can install it from the software center.
Or if you want it a little more lightweight and you have a good internet connection you could use GoogleDocs to create your presentation and install the "PowerPoint Viewer" from software center to view your presentation offline.

Hope this helps out.

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Well, There are many programs to make Presentation OpenOffice, KOficce,GnomeOffice and Microsoft Office !

you can run Microsoft Office 2007 under wine with no problems, as my friend said.

Hope it Helps.

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