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In Windows, I can join a Skype Public chat by pasting a Skype chat link into a web browser's address bar (or clicking a link which contains that URI), but it doesn't work in my Ubuntu 10.04 using Skype

The URI is generated by Skype from within a group chat via the command /get uri

Error messages from the following browsers are:

# Firefox ... the protocol (skype) isn't associated with any program
# chromium-browser ... just treats it as s google search argument
# konqueror ... Protocol not supported: skype

How can I get these skype:?chat&blob=... links to work?

Edit: as I've mentioned in response to Tom Brossman's good comment, the main issue has now become: which application should be used for handling the skype protocol... If it is Skype itself, what is the syntax? ... because skype "%s" does not process the protocol.

If someone has actually had success with the perl module skype-action-handler with a recent version of Linux Skype , it would be good to know.

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Can you try manually registering Skype links by following this Register Protocol page from Mozilla? I think Skype was causing crashes and so it is no longer handled by default. – Tom Brossman Mar 5 '12 at 7:56
@Tom Brossman: Thanks, that has got me one step closer... I can now get Firefox to present a Launch Applicatin dialog, but the issue now becomes which application? Using skype as the app doesn't work other than to launch another instance of itself... I've tried installing this perl module skype-action-handler as detailed in the post by thestudio53 ... Howerever, it doesn't work, as a dependency fails (Moose). It was not a trivial compile and I have no idea why and where it went wrong. – Peter.O Mar 5 '12 at 10:34
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I'm the author of Net::DBus::Skype and skype-action-handler. That was a tool to interface with DBUS to send commands to Skype via the DBUS API. The skype-action-handler does exactly what Skype 4 will do via the --call argument

skype --call "skype:echo123"

skype-action-handler skype:echo123

Except I think I handled the URL format too which I don't think --call handles. I made this library and utility because back in 2008 the Skype for Linux was not nearly so polished. Originally, I believe it only used OSS even.

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Thanks for the answer Evan, and a special thanks for your efforts with skype-action-handler. – Peter.O Nov 2 '12 at 5:52
FYI skype-action-handler doesn't work with skype:?chat&... URLs. It says: Invalid argument! (format: skype:echo123?call) – pts Dec 26 '12 at 10:13

To install skype-action-handler do:

sudo apt-get install cpanminus
sudo cpanm skype-action-handler

Update: Checked this suggestion myself. It almost works, but installs skype-simple-dialer instead. But that's irrelevant, because the latest version of Skype allows to select "Join a public chat" option above the contacts list and paste chat blob there.

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