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I am now using the "Lubuntu version based on lxde", which is based on "openbox".

What frustrats me a lot is that the chromium-browser is omnipresent on both workspces. I have tried to modified ~/.configure/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml to set the omnipresent option chromium-browser application no and reconfigure openbox-lubuntu,however there seems no effect.

Does anybody have similar experience?What's your solution for this?

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Okay go to you settings in chromium-browser and select "Use system title bar and borders" in "Personal stuff" section, and then right-click on the window of chromium and select "Desktops>Desktop 1" instead of "All desktops"

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If you right click on the Chromium entry in your task bar (or dock) there is a menu option called "Move to Workspace" select that and then select any option but "All workspaces". This will put it in only one of your workspaces.

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