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I would like to know what tools are available to Ubuntu users for monitoring the overclock done in the BIOS and to stress-test the machine. Tools for the following:

1) Tool to reliably read actual clock speeds of the CPU when they are on and off load.

2) Tool to provide bus speeds, RAM speed, graphics core speed etc, in real time.

3) Tool to monitor temperatures.

4) Tool to monitor load on CPU/GPU.

5) Tool to stress test the machine.

Although I want to ask the question with regards to any Ubuntu user with any configuration so that it can be of use to everyone, my configuration is Intel i5 2500k + ASUS P8Z68-V LX, if you must know.

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Does all the CPU Clock/Temp monitoring for i3, i5, and i7 You will still need tools to stress the comp.

Also check out this post Manual way to check the Clock.

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The best native tool is HardInfo System information and benchmark tool.


HardInfo comes with the following benchmark tests:

CPU Blowfish
CPU CryptoHash
CPU Fibonacci
CPU N-Queens
FPU Raytracing 

Highlighting any test and then selecting 'refresh' from the top toolbar will rerun any previously completed benchmarks enter image description here Found a couple of others

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Thanks, but this tool does not show the CPU speeds correctly. Even after running the command stress the CPU speeds are stuck at 1600Mhz. Running any apps do not change it, which is unlikely because the CPU usually jumps to 3300Mhz on load. 1600Mhz is the idle speed. – ste_kwr Mar 7 '12 at 3:24

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