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When adding a torrent in the Deluge WebUI, the Infohash button is disabled. How do I enable this function or what is the solution to add magnet links?

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It would be nice if the latest version of Deluge, 1.3.4, was added to either the unofficial repo or the ubuntu repo – user51641 Mar 22 '12 at 14:51

From Deluge 1.3.4 onwards there is now support for Magnet URIs in the Add Url box of the WebUI.

For reference, the Infohash option is only for the BitTorrent hash so it is different to a Magnet Uri that is a link that contains a Base32 encoded version of this hash along with other information such as trackers and filename. For 1.3.5 I have hidden this unused button to prevent any further confusion.

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