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I want to buy a ARM based Netbook (Herkules eCafé Slim HD) with ARM Cortex A8 Freescale i.MX515.

The Netbook comes preinstalled with Ubuntu, I guess 10.04. Is this ARM Controller still supported in Precise?

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From wikipedia

On the i.MX51 family, the reference user interface is Ubuntu. The last Ubuntu version supported is 10.04.1 (still available on mirrors). Ubuntu dropped the "official" i.MX51 family support since version 10.10

This is confirmed by the citation.

Looking at the Ubuntu ARM Roadmap 12.04 official support is:

Seventh release to be in April 2012 (12.04) will support the TI OMAP 3 BeagleBoard, and the TI OMAP 4 PandaBoard, Freescale iMX53 Quickstart platform

Thus - again your iMX51 series is not officially supported.

You'll note that the latest beta CD images contain a release for the iMX53 but not for the iMX51 series.

Thus - its your choice - try before you buy or look for a iMX53 ARM laptop instead.

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I don't have iMX51 Hardware, but I want to buy one. But if the support was dropped in 10.10 I don't want to buy. – burli Mar 10 '12 at 15:14
Hey Burli, I can tell you that there is a heavy amount of optimization done to the 10.04 image provided by Herkules, It's not a bad little unit but I understand your decision. – sfeole Mar 15 '12 at 3:32

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