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The Alt key is used for many useful commands, but unfortunately it's caught by the terminal window to activate the window menus (File, Edit, ...).

I would like to either force the terminal window to pass Alt to the terminal or get nano to use some other key/combination (I'm using GNOME Terminal 2.32.1).

ps: There is a related, but different question here where it's pointed out that Ctrl + Right Arrow cannot be bound to "move forward a word".

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that why it's a good idea to be a friend of xterm and vi – maniat1k Mar 2 '12 at 14:46
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The terminal emulation handles that already. If a key combination with ALT is used by the terminal itself, you can just substitute ALT with ESC. For example, if you want to count characters, words and lines in nano and ALT+D is used by the terminal, just type ESC+D.

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