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I have two windows shares mounted and I would like to be able to backup the first into the second. The shares are found on a windows server 2003 machine. I was able to copy one folder to another windows share # 1, i figured I could use the same command.

rsync -azvv ~/mounts/share1 ~/mounts/share2. 

I figure that's probably not the right way, but I haven't been lucky in finding something useful in google.

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That should work but you'd do better to walk* over to one of the Windows machines in question, mount the other and do the transfer directly.

*Or Remote desktop/telnet/whatever Windows uses for remote admin these days.

Using your method you're sending traffic through your computer and frankly Samba isn't that fast on Ubuntu. If you bring it back to a pure-Windows transfer between only two computers, you'll likely get better rates.

If this is something you need to do on a very regular basis, you might want to look at installing FTP server and client software that supports FXP. That (essentially) allows direct connections between two FTP servers to transfer files.

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