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I would like to make a program in the Unity Dash to launch with a custom option, as for example in the terminal it would be

xyz --reconfig

Is this possible?

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I would recommend the following:

What you want to do is edit the launcher, or desktop, file. Open up terminal and type:

cp /usr/share/applications/(NAME OF YOUR PROGRAM).desktop ~/.local/share/applications/

Then, run:

 gedit ~/.local/share/applications/(NAME OF YOUR PROGRAM).desktop

The document at the top should say "Exec" somewhere. Add whatever you want to after the program name there, save, and either logout or run unity --replace.


The command cp /usr/share/appications/(NAME OF YOUR PROGRAM).desktop ~/.local/share/applications/ copies the original file over to a folder that is for only one user. If you want to make it so that a launcher is changed across all users, run sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/(NAME OF YOUR PROGRAM).desktop but make sure you back up the original first.

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