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I work with OSSEC HIDS In Ubuntu 11.10:


When install with mysql support, it back me this error

/tmp/ccuS4FYw.o: In function mysql_osdb_connect': /home/bkhezry/Downloads/ossec-hids-2.6/src/os_dbd/db_op.c:164: undefined reference tomysql_init'

/home/bkhezry/Downloads/ossec-hids-2.6/src/os_dbd/db_op.c:178: undefined reference to 'mysql_options'

/home/bkhezry/Downloads/ossec-hids-2.6/src/os_dbd/db_op.c:183: undefined reference to 'mysql_options'

/home/bkhezry/Downloads/ossec-hids-2.6/src/os_dbd/db_op.c:186: undefined reference to 'mysql_real_connect'

/home/bkhezry/Downloads/ossec-hids-2.6/src/os_dbd/db_op.c:189: undefined reference to 'mysql_error'

/home/bkhezry/Downloads/ossec-hids-2.6/src/os_dbd/db_op.c:190: undefined reference to 'mysql_close'

/tmp/ccuS4FYw.o: In function `mysql_osdb_close':


I'm Sure That Mysql in install, test it with sample C++ code and back me data record. I Know Problem is in


that generat with:

make setdb

CDB not point to the lib of mysql that need to install OSSEC HIDS. but I Don't Know How To Fix It. I Want Install All Pack Of Mysql Lib. Help Me.

Thanks anyone can help me. Thanks alot.

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I have carried out an OSSEC Ubuntu install using this method without issues... Let me know if this helps.

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Welcome to AskUbuntu. Answers with merely links are not very much appreciated arond here. Consider editing your answer to describe the contents of the link in short. –  Mahesh Apr 18 '12 at 8:32

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