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I did set up VSFTPD on my server and can successfully login using a user that has root permission on the server. However, I cannot create any directories outside of the user's home directory. Any idea why that is?

I have the option



Thanks for any help!

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chroot_local_user If set to YES, local users will be (by default) placed in a chroot() jail in their home directory after login. Warning: This option has security implications, especially if the users have upload permission, or shell access. Only enable if you know what you are doing. Note that these security implications are not vsftpd specific. They apply to all FTP daemons which offer to put local users in chroot() jails.


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It is not wise to do this.

That being said, i think you can just specify:

nopriv_user=root # or maybe toor

Try that?

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