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I am trying to install the CACKey to have my CAC be recognized by Firefox. I am used to windows guy, right click and install.

Anyone has detailed instructions on how to create the lib64 folder, and how or what extension I need to save. Tnhx...

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I think this question isn't clear on the problem encountered, and so the answers don't address it. In case it is the same as what I encountered, I get an error message when I try to install the package: unable to create /usr/lib64/' (while processing ./usr/lib64/'): No such file or directory. So how is this resolved? – Liam Aug 22 '13 at 2:26

You should be able to just install the Deb file from DISA's Back when I had my CAC it worked just fine.

Then you need to go to (again this is from memory) the Firefox settings. Then the Advanced tab. Encryption sub-tab -> Security Devices. Then hit the Load button and name it whatever you'd like. Then for module filename, navigate to /usr/lib/ (Hey, what do you know, I still have my CACkey security device...). Then hit OK. That's it! You may have to restart the browser to get it to load up right.

Admittedly, this was from a 32-bit install, but the process should be the same.

You will also need to install the pcscd package if you haven't already to get Ubuntu to recognize your card reader (I have a Gemalto Gem Plus that worked beautifully)

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I encountered this problem and found a solution.

Distro was Mint Cinnamon, but I'm confident it will work for Ubuntu/Debian.

Go into root and manually create the /usr/lib64 folder.

Repeat installation, which should now be successful.

Best of luck.

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creating directory lib64 solved installation problem :) – ceph3us Mar 15 at 15:12

If you cannot access DISA's website, (Because it requires CAC access)

You can Download the 32bit Deb file here.
MD5: 37398d413221b7d6c6ee539978feec47
SHA1: 3ccfc97610b1b3503084caa7f1924c52d2f1a1b4

Or, the 64 bit Deb here.
MD5: 3935d1376ae7175f9814505c59a917f7
SHA1: 153b30d025869679238444e2ef0545ed7185f4f8

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