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My keyboard has the multimedia keys on the function keys, with FN+F6 to play/pause etc. The problem is these don't work in my music player (clementine) after rebooting. If I go into the Preferences -> Global Shortcuts, and check and uncheck that box for "Use Gnome's shortcut keys", then they work again. Meaning, at boot it is unchecked and they don't work, but if I toggle the checkbox on and off then they magically work again.

So what does that checkbox actually do? Is there some way I can automate whatever it does in a script at boot time, so that my multimedia keys will always work without the stuffing around?

My keyboard is an logitech MK250. I'm on 11.10, with gnome-shell.

enter image description here

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I still don't know what caused this issue, but it has vanished after upgrading to 12.04.

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