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I am working on a project that has me using Gawk. I had been using Fedora 16 which uses Gawk 4.0 but have recently changed over to Xubuntu 11.10 and found out that Xubuntu runs an older version of gawk (3.1.8 I believe). There are probably 3 dozen different utilities that rely on Gawk in Xubuntu and I really don't want to break anything.

What are my options for running Gawk 4.0 in Xubuntu 3.1.8? Is there any way I can run some kind of isolated version of Gawk 4.0 that I can use for my project and still have Gawk 3.1 used by the system?

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I recommend installing gawk 4.0.1 or later from one of the two PPA's that have it:


There shouldn't be any problems with system utilities breaking due to using this newer version of gawk.

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