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In gnome-shell, if you do Ctrl+Page Down, you can switch to the previous tab. However, when I'm on a laptop, there are no Page Down and Page Up keys. So, I would like to map this key combination to something like Alt+{ and Alt+}.

I have tried doing this in the System Settings of gnome-shell, under the Custom shortcuts. I set the command to be run as xdotool key Ctrl+Prior and xdotool key Ctrl+Next. If I run this command at a terminal prompt, this switches the tabs as expected. However, doing it as a keyboard shortcut, it appears it never runs xdotool.

I have also tried doing this with xbindkeys, but it just seems like it's not running xdotool.

Is there a better way to map these keys in gnome-shell?

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The code for keybinding starts from line 558 (may be different in your system), in file `/usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/viewSelector.js'.

I rebound it to Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-s (and I am wondering how to bind it to Ctrl-Shift-Tab)

    } else if (modifiers & Clutter.ModifierType.CONTROL_MASK) {
        if (symbol == Clutter.s) {
            if (!
            return true;
        } else if (symbol == Clutter.Tab) {
            if (!
            return true;
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