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On ubuntu 11.10, with Unity desktop:

tapping top-right corner of the touchpad triggers 'Paste'
tapping top-left corner => 'Copy'
tapping bottom-right corner => 'Right-click'

(I've discovered this through experiments).

Obviously, that's intentional. There must be settings for that. I've looked through Settings->Mouse & Compiz Settings Manager but failed.

How do I disable these triggers?

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In terminal, type: synclient RTCornerButton=0. This solved the problem on me.

Execute synclient -l to list all configurations.

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I was looking to solve this problem as well. I don't use a mouse; I use touchpad exclusively. My preferred code editor is vim and I was fed up with unintentional copy and pasting while touching the corners of my touchpad. It seems solution is easy:

  1. Go to Applications -> System Tools -> System Settings
  2. Click on Mouse and Touchpad option.
  3. Click to open the Touchpad tab.
  4. Uncheck "Enable mouse clicks with touchpad" option.

That's all! Enjoy.

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This would disable even left click with touchpad, not a good solution. –  theharshest Sep 28 '13 at 9:43
Yes, this actually deservers a down click. But since I've got a few of those haunting me for what I considered to be good answers, I won't do it to you. –  Dennis Apr 2 at 5:47
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