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Since I have limited space on my computer I would like to store the files on the ubuntu one cloud and not locally on my SSD. But it is a hassle to edit/add/view files through my web browser on In a way I want a Ubuntu One folder on my computer that acts like an external HDD. Is this possible with Ubuntu One? Or will it be added as a feature in the future? I use Ubuntu One both on Ubuntu and Windows operating systems.

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Any current Ubuntu or Windows program would have to download a copy in order to edit it, but Ubuntu does have a temporary folder which cleans itself out on every shutdown. If you were to get into the habit of (and set as default on your browser) downloading files there when you want to edit them, you could upload them back to Ubuntu One when you're done.

Unfortunatly I know of no way you can actually have a temporary folder which sort of "on demand" syncs certain files with Ubuntu One automatically. You would have to do all the uploading and downloading yourself manually.

Or you could just buy an external HDD. That might be helpful because the speed reduction is unnoticable for loading individual small files like music or documents, and it would give you a place to store them outside of your system drive.

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