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I needed a minimally-configured Real Time kernel, I compiled a new kernel with menuconfig. Firstly I added the rt patch to the new kernel directory using patch, and then ran make menuconfig. Then I added the bzImage find inside arch/x86/boot/bzImage and the files to /boot.

After that I ran update-grub.

Here are the contents of my grub.cfg

The problem is the the new kernel cannot be loaded when grub prompts.

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Where are the contents of my grub.cfg? – Rens Feb 28 '12 at 14:50

Change the name of bzImage to vmlinuz-kernel-version (vmlinuz-3.2.6 or what have you).

Also, kernel (vmlinuz) versions must start with a number vmlinux-[0-9] , update-grub will otherwise throw an error dpkg: error: version 'version-rt19' has bad syntax: version number does not start with digit (error message used with vmilinuz-version-rt19)

You probably also need to install the modules

sudo make modules_install

And you probably need to make an initrd (depending on your hardware), again change "3.2.6" to your kernel version

sudo update-initramfs -c -k 3.2.6

Then re-run update-grub

sudo update-grub
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