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Dell desktop, Logitech wireless keyboard, Ubuntu 11.10.

Yesterday my right and left control keys got (re/un)mapped, but I'm not sure by what. Now, whenever I press either one, a red "pulsating" red circle flashes under the pointer and then returns to normal. In Ubuntu this is the only sign that something has changed. However, in Virtualbox with a Windows guest, nothing that uses the control key will work. I'm not sure what changed it or where to look for how to change it back.

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Same thing happened to me. Although I didn't change anything somehow my mouse settings changed.

You have to go to System Settings -> Mouse and Touchpad -> uncheck Show position of pointer when the control key is pressed. That should do it.

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unfortunately in 13.04 that flashing pointer option is no longer available in the Trackpad/Mouse settings (or I'm bling and can't find it). so my setting is permanently turned on until I can find it in gconf. – hobs Aug 24 '13 at 15:35

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