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as pc doesnt seems to have my iphone connected,my phone doesnt start charging,i mean nothing happen/.i m new with all this .please help me out. iwant to make backup in my pc.i dont know except basics of iphone,yet i want to make it worthe firmware is 4.1(8b117).iwant to upgrade it.i uses wifi sync but it also worked gain.suggest me an appropriate solution.with i m new n layman.dont know very much but little like using cydia,ifile,itunes,ssh.please help me out with my iphone 3gs n itunes on my pc .wifi sync also doesnt work as it fails to recognizes my pc on my iphone 3gs

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reply to this as fast as u can.i m screwed with my pc n iphone. is there any alternative or short to back up of my music,contacts n photos.reply with detail so i can understand. i ll grateful yo u .i read similar problem on this website but i dont get it whats sudo apt gtkpod ifuse etc. etc. etc. –  iqra tahir Feb 28 '12 at 10:23

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If your iPhone is working just like before except that iTunes does not reorganize it, it may be because "iTunes Mobile Device Support" is dead. To confirm this, you can install iFunBox and see whether or not you can access the iPhone's storage device.... If iFunBox fails to find your iPhone, the issue is with iTunes. Try completely uninstalling iTunes and installing it again. (Not repairing, but actually uninstalling.)

You can also use iFunbox to backup your stuff.

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now i refine my question please answer this –  iqra tahir Feb 28 '12 at 13:38

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