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How can one get more than 12 comands in Compiz->Comands?

It's mainly for screen bindings.

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System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts

That allows you to add conceivably an infinite amount of key bindings.

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Im sorry, it's exclusively for screen bindings. Thanks anyway. – qox Aug 5 '10 at 16:53

I don't know if Compiz will accept this, but these settings are stored in gconf.


Run that, then navigate to /apps/compiz/plugins/commands/allscreens/options/

Try right-click -> New Key

Name it command12 and make it of type string For value, put the command you want to run

Add keys named

  • run_command12_button
  • run_command12_edge
  • run_command12_key

Also of type string

For edge, you can set any of the following:

  • TopLeft
  • Top
  • TopRight
  • Left
  • Right
  • BottomLeft
  • BottomRight
  • Bottom

If you want it to make it able to activate on top or bottom, put it like Top|Bottom

For button, if you want it to activate when you left click on the top edge, that'd look like <TopEdge>Button1 or if you wanted it to be for Ctrl+Alt+Click, that'd be <Control><Alt>Button1

Extrapolate from there

For key, you're probably getting the pattern. <Super>Q to make it Win+Q, etc.

I have no evidence that Compiz will read past command11, but if it just reads everything in that part of GConf, then this could work.

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