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I have Ubuntu 11.10, and have tried and googled till my eyes want to bleed. Javaws works on about 50% of apps on the machine in commercial sites. Yahoo sports will work for instance, but not the games. I have tried 3 browsers, firefox/chrome/opera with no luck on the plugin. the oracle plugin is only v.6 and just crashes. the openjdk sits forever or force closes my browser. Right now I am having to run a virtualbox installed win7 to play pogo games with my wife (which is just sad). Please if there is a clear way to make the plugin work with a recent machine?

Thank you in advance!

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In another forum this same issue came up. The root of the problem stemmed from the computer being 64 bit but Pogo seemed to need a 32 bit JRE. The individual installed icedtea-gcjwebplugin and Pogo finally worked.

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