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What happened is I attempted to download and install the operating system Ubuntu 11.10 on my computer.

I had planned to choose which operating system to boot, but there were a few options on the website:

  • install along with "windows" which is what I wanted to do
  • install from a CD or usb

After I installed it I noticed that I could not boot using Windows, all the folders, files and programs for Windows 7 could be found under Ubuntu, but I couldn't run any of them using wine.

I want to know if I removed the operating system Windows, if I could use it again if I needed it, and how to operate the wine application.

To make clear in the page I chose the option to install the usb and it says Not run with Windows.

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Follow these steps to recover your windows instalation!!!


Turn On your computer.
Go to bios.
Set the boot media to CD/DVD
Put the windows 7 DVD(or recovery disk) in to the drive.
Boot from the DVD


Start windows repair(if you use windows 7 DVD or if you are using recovery it will automatically show repairing option)
Allow the utility to repair startup.
If utility found a error and fixed it reboot the machine and enjoy!!

If it failed.. follow step 3.


Open command prompt in recovery mode.
Type diskpart hit enter
Then type list disk hit enter
Then select your disk(you can find it by size) - use select disk x to select the disk. Replace x by relevant number.
Then type list part hit enter.
Then select primary disk with mb in size(not in gb) - use select part x to select the part. Hit enter.
Then type active hit enter.
Close the command prompt and again run the startup recovery tool.


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By this you will only be able to boot to Ubuntu again by reinstalling Grub. – Takkat Feb 27 '12 at 9:03
Windows Setup reinstalls Grub? Never :D. But this will agin boot ur computer directly in to the windows. – Chathura Widanage Feb 27 '12 at 15:03
Already I found the problem, to start windows 7 only reinstalled it, and the programs of windows, to traverse them in wine, since particioné the alone disc I copied the programs to the disc that it uses ubuntu and to change the permissions and I list, already I can use my PC. – user48221 Mar 7 '12 at 2:53

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