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I installed Hamachi and Hamachi-GUI, on both my girlfriend's PC and Netbook. After 5 minutes or so (even if i keep using it during that time) it loses its online-connection. I have to go offline, then online again in order to see my ip again.

If i don't and I ping my IP, it says Host unreachable. Now when i connect with my Mac from the office the problem doesn't exist, so i wouldn't say it is a problem of my "Hamachi (server) installation", and i am tempted to say, it is a problem of my girlfriend's connection, since it happens from her home, and we haven't tried yet to connect from another home with her setup.

I followed these instructions. What would you say?!

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Just solved creating a config file in hamachi directory (where the other files client.pub, client.pri, etc. are located) and just writing

KeepAlive 100

Then I restarted hamachi and it all worked (I discovered today that even from the office the connection timed-out after 10 minutes, so something happened during the week-end that screwed things a bit).

Thanks anyway!!

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Hamachi works so weakly, in my experience! –  Pitto Dec 2 '10 at 20:56

Hey, I have hamachi² installed with haguichi, and it works fine, except for a disconnect every once in while. I want to try this fix, but embarrassingly enough I can't find the directory... Can anyone point out where it is? It's not in the home directory...


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