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I have reported a bug that occurs in Karmic on launchpad, and I have been asked to re-test it on lucid or maverick. How can I do this best?

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For testing Maverick, testdrive is easiest. It'll automatically download the latest Maverick daily and run it in a Virtual Machine.

sudo apt-get install testdrive virtualbox-ose
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Good answer for most bugs. However, if it's a bug that is specific to your hardware, testdrive will not help. In this case, use one of the test build ISOs as a live CD - see . – Jeremy Kerr Jul 29 '10 at 3:37
Yes.. this is a good point – txwikinger Aug 22 '10 at 19:36

Three routes:

  • Install Ubuntu in a VM.

    Pros: Your installation is persistent, and you can switch back and forth between the VM and your normal desktop with ease.

    Cons: It'll be slow.

  • Use a LiveCD.

    Pros: Most straightforward, same method as when you first installed Ubuntu.

    Cons: No persistence of session, your environment is lost when you restart.

  • Install on a separate machine. CD read times are sloooow.

    Pros: Persistence, speed.

    Cons: Expensive if you don't have the hardware.

Personally, I'd go the VM route. You'll need to do with a LiveCD or physical install if your bug involves the hardware.

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+1 for the great analysis of pros and cons! – txwikinger Jul 28 '10 at 20:31
+1 agreed. very nice. – DLH Jul 28 '10 at 20:32
Instead of the CD, I suggest using an USB stick instead. You can create a bootable USB stick from a Live CD iso with System-->Administration-->Create a USB startup disk – Marcel Stimberg Jul 30 '10 at 12:35

This depends on what bug you're trying to re-test. For almost all bugs, testing in a VM is great. As mentioned on another answer, Testdrive is good for that.

For hardware related bugs you'll need to run on the real hardware, which means that a LiveCD is a more appropriate method.

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I depends on what kind of bug it was (estethic, a program crash, etc) but the simplest way would be to download Lucid's live cd, boot it and see if you can reproduce the bug.

If it's something that requires a real installation and it's not enough booting a live cd, then install Lucid on a virtual machine using VirtualBox, and you can test almost anything in there without affecting your current environment.

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Without upgrading? You may need to setup a Virtual instance of Lucid or Maverick or install that specific version under a new partition on your machine. I find that VirtualBox works well (and is free) for Ubuntu.

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