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Using Banshee, I ripped songs from a CD and added them to my library. Then I added the track information to each song, and burned them to a new CD. The problem is that after doing all of that, the new CD still showed "Unknown" for the all of the songs, artist and album. I am using Ubuntu 11.04.

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This is the expected result.

When you insert a CD, Banshee tries to get track information from a number of online sources (e.g. MusicBrainz). If it can't identify your CD, you get "Unknown" instead.

Adding the track information within Banshee will not make a difference, because you have not changed the online databases. If the CD is not an officially produced CD, then there's nothing you can do about this. However if it is a published CD, you can add the metadata to MusicBrainz. One way to do this is to install Sound Juicer Audio CD Extractor from the Software Centre and following the instructions.

enter image description here

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