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Unfortunately i disable gnome-shell web search option with the following command

gsettings set disabled-open-search-providers "['google.xml', 'wikipedia.xml']"

How to re-enable it?

Also how can i change the default search. Default gnome-shell search in wikipedia. I need to search in google by default.

thanks in advance

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This doesn't work to me!! I tried [code] gsettings set disabled-open-search-providers "[]" [code] but nothing! They're still out! I did the same wrong of the first asker, but i'm not able to solve it! thanks federico – user273561 Apr 24 '14 at 11:13
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For the first problem you should simply open dconf-editor (maybe you should install it first), then go to org>gnome>shell and void the disabled-open-search-providers' string.

Otherwise, you can simply do in a terminal

gsettings set disabled-open-search-providers "[]"

For the second problem, there's already an answer (follow the links at the end of the answer to that question): Is it possible to customise the search engine buttons in GNOME Shell?

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Alternatively, you could just click the "Set to Default" button on the bottom right of the dconf-editor's window. – Sparhawk Sep 24 '12 at 1:32

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