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I have most of my home directory dot files shared across my home and work systems, each running a different version of Ubuntu.

I'm looking for a way to specify the default image viewer for each system in ~/.mailcap, so when it's invoked by mutt, the correct image viewer will start.

My current work-around is to put the following in ~/.mailcap ...

image/*; viewimage %s; test=test -n "$DISPLAY";

... where viewimage is a simple bash script:


if [ $hostname == 'work-host' ]; then
elif [ $hostname == 'home-host' ]; then

$imageviewer $1

Any suggestions to avoid this workaround are appreciated.

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the problem with xdg-open is that it launches the relevant application and exit immediately. When xdg-open will exit, the mail reader will then consider that the job is done and remove the attachement that was stored for viewing (most of the time in /tmp) and that before the real viewer was launched. The viewer will then say that it can't find the file to be viewed. – user166931 Jun 13 '13 at 15:02

Your solution is nice and lets you keep all the dotfiles on version control, so why change it? :-)

If you run either of the major desktop environments, invoke xdg-open instead? Is is the equivalent of double clicking a file in the file browser.

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