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I upgraded my laptop from 11.04 too 11.10 and since then the CIFS mounts are not working.

Before the upgrade it would allow mounts on host names, in 11.10 it's only IP addresses (not much of an issue), however all the shares I mount are as read-only despite the fstab file declaring the options rw and auto. I have chowned the mount point to be nogroup.nouser and it still wont work, here is an extract from my fstab:

// /home/paul/Documents/Stories cifs rw,user,exec,auto,username=<user>,password=<password> 0 0
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Try with this one. It worked for me:

// /home/paul/Documents/Stories cifs iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,username=,password= 0 0
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Try mounting share with noperm option, e.g. your /etc/fstab line should be:

// /home/paul/Documents/Stories cifs rw,user,exec,auto,**noperm**,username=,password= 0 0

It is useful when client and host uids/gids differs (see 'man smbmount')

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You can use ShareScanner which is almost similar to netscan of windows. It supports nautilus, dolphin and konqueror.You can mount network shares with a mere click. You can download it from:

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