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Please tell me how to uninstall it without effecting windows 7. I tried wubi but it didn't start up after the first boot up. On the second boot up option came up to select Ubuntu or windows 7. I choose Ubuntu but only logo appeared and then after that blank black screen nothing else. So i uninstalled wubi. Tell me the reason?? My processor is Intel i3 64bit but wubi went to download for amd 64bit. Did it created the problem?

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You can safely uninstall through the Control Panel. Go to Add/remove programs, find the Ubuntu entry and double click it.

The amd64 refers to the standard, not the chip manufacturer. It works fine on an intel 64 bit CPU.

Most likely you are having problems with the intel GPU. There are some bug reports on blank screens at startup e.g. here. If you want to try and solve it please update your question with your computer brand/model/graphics card(s).

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