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My company is a small startup with about 20 people. We plan to set up a bunch of Ubuntu servers:

  1. A mail server running Zimbra;
  2. A gateway running Zentyal;
  3. A content sharing/management server running Alfresco;
  4. A web server hosting our company's website;
  5. An application server running Tomcat/MySQL hosting our internal business application;
  6. A development server running Tomcat/MySQL/SVN for our software development team;
  7. A domain controller server running Samba

We have two Dell rack servers:

  1. PowerEdge R710, two Intel Xeon 5506 (Quad-core), 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD with RAID 0
  2. PowerEdge R410, one Intel Xeon 5506 (Quad-core), 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD with RAID 0

We don't expect a lot of Internet tranfic/mail, but we do expect quite some load on the Alfresco server, since there are quite some fairly large Excel sheets need to be stored. So my question is: can I virtualize all the above servers and run them on our two Dell servers? If yes, what are the best practices? Thanks.

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My personal preference is to run everything virtualized, leaving Dom0s almost exclusively for virtualization. You can even run virtualize your firewall (Zentyal I guess). setting network bridging appropriately.

I believe the hardware you have will suffice.

You can use Zentyal (or a second Zentyal) for the Samba PDC... and you can even have some directory replication options.

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