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Every time I connect to the Ubuntu One app from my Android device (Samsung Galaxy Ace, 2.3) the app asks for my username and password. Is this a normal behavior? Sync works perfect, every time I take a picture it is uploaded to my Ubuntu One account. And also my phone is repeated many times on my devices list when I connect to Ubuntu One on my computer, seems like every time I login on the android app, it creates a new record on my account.

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I have the same problem. My phone is Samsung gt-i5500, Android 2.2. When I sign in, everything works just fine, authentication info is added to the list in android settings menu, but after restarting my phone it forgets it. After signing in again, my phone is added as another record in a device list on my account.

UPDATE! I've just red the response from ubuntuone-support, and it seems that this problem occurs when app is installed on SD card. If you move the app from SD to your phone memory, everything will work just fine.

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