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I am connected to an Ubuntu host (10.04.3 LTS) via ssh -X. All is ok. However, I cannot do any administrative tasks via System->Administration->xxx, such as adding a User, because the system never asks me for a password, and ignores any change requests I have. If however I go to the host and log-in conventionally, everything works as expected. In other words, the system discriminates me when I am logged-in via ssh. Where's the trick? Tx Luis

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This is how it (policyKit) is supposed to work.

It can be changed, but it's not as easy as it should.

There is good answer here, in a different question. To summarize it you will need to create a new policikit configuration file that allows remote users to do administrative task using the GUI. In the above answer there is a script that will create that file.

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If you find this question helpful, please vote for enzobit for the original answer, insightful answer that is not receiving the votes that it deserves. – Javier Rivera Feb 24 '12 at 12:30

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