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On OSX I use Zooom2 to move my windows around with keyboard shortcuts and mouse motion. This operates in a very similar manner to Ubuntu, with the following difference:

  • On Zooom2, I have it set so holding down Shift + Cmd when the cursor is over a window and dragging the mouse moves said window. Shift + Alt + mouse move resizes.

  • On Ubuntu, window movement is achieved by holding Alt and clicking in a window, then dragging the mouse.

The clicking required in Ubuntu is fine when using a mouse, but I find it ends up being a bit of strain when using the trackpad - I miss OSX's no-click version.

Is there a way of customising the window moves so I don't have to actually click?

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You may be able to adapt the natural-scrolling from when OS X Lion introduced natural/reverse scrolling where by “content tracks finger movement”.


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zedtux/naturalscrolling

to your Software Sources

sudo apt-get update

then install the ‘naturalscrolling’ package from the Ubuntu Software Centre

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