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I don't need the key in my server's keyring anymore. Is it possible to remove it? I added the key using this command:

 curl | apt-key add -

Thanks for helping

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First you need to find the key id of the key you added. Do this by the command:

sudo apt-key list

It will list all the keys that you have, with each entry looking like this:

pub   1024R/B455BEF0 2010-07-29
uid                  Launchpad clicompanion-nightlies

Once you have figured out which key to remove, use the command sudo apt-key del <keyid> where is replaced with the actual keyid of the key you want to remove from your keyring.

nits@nits-excalibur:~$ sudo apt-key del B455BEF0
[sudo] password for nits: 
nits@nits-excalibur:~$ apt-key list | grep clicompan

As you can see the key gets removed :)

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thank you for helping me. – Raymond Feb 24 '12 at 20:13
@Raymond No problemo :) – Nitin Venkatesh Feb 24 '12 at 20:15
Ah I see the unique Id is on the line labelled pub, not the line labelled uid. – richard Jun 21 at 7:59

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