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In the even of a crash I realize that I may not be backing up system and user cron jobs. How can I automate the backing up of my systems cron jobs?

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<snide remark> With another cronjob of course! </snide remark> - in all seriousness though, good question. :) – James Feb 24 '12 at 1:25

Yeah another cronjob for the automation but in terms of collecting everything together, there are a few directories you want to cater for:


Back those up, and you should have everything. You can do that with:

sudo tar cvf cron-backup.tar /etc/cron.* /var/spool/cron/crontabs
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crontab -l > /path/to/your/backup/file

For example:

crontab -l > /var/backups/${USER}.crontab.list

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