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Sometimes I mute the volume and forget a song or internet radio station is playing. I need a visual cue to tell me the song is playing in the background while in mute.

Is there an indicator for audio/sound that is playing?

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In case you use Gnome Shell, there is this extension that might do what you want.

The version 6 of that extension should provide a volume control per application, but it has not been released (as of today).

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Thanks. I'll remember it if I switch to Gnome Shell. – dgo.a Feb 24 '12 at 1:36

Here is another method I found using Unity: Install the indicator-sysmonitor indicator and have it run a script that checks the sound.

I haven't written a script yet, but here is how to do it if you use pulseaudio:

Run the custom script with indicator-sysmonitor: (second half of the article)

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