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I recently discovered that, in a terminal, Ctrl-i is the same as Tab (which is very useful on my phone, where there are no arrow keys nor tab).

On a normal terminal pressing the up key navigates the history.

Is there another way to recall the last command?

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Ctrl + p to move backwards in the command history

Ctrl + n to move forward in the command history

(Somewhere I read that it is with the Alt key, but Ctrl is what works for me)

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And Ctrl-A to move the cursor at the beginning and Ctrl-E moves the cursor to the end :) – th3pr0ph3t Feb 27 '12 at 15:29

You could, if it helps type !-1 which would be the last command you typed.

If you wanted the second last you typed then !-2 and as the man history says:

Event Designators

An event designator is a reference to a command line entry in the  history  list.  
Unless  the reference is absolute, events are relative to the current position in   
the history list.

   !      Start a history substitution, except when followed by  a  blank,
          newline, = or (.
   !n     Refer to command line n.
   !-n    Refer to the current command minus n.
   !!     Refer to the previous command.  This is a synonym for `!-1'.
          Refer  to the most recent command preceding the current position
          in the history list starting with string.
          Refer to the most recent command preceding the current postition
          in  the  history  list containing string.  The trailing ? may be
          omitted if string is followed immediately by a newline.
          Quick substitution.  Repeat the last command, replacing  string1
          with string2.  Equivalent to ``!!:s/string1/string2/'' (see Mod‐
          ifiers below).
   !#     The entire command line typed so far.

You can also use CTRL+P to go back one history command at a time.
Use CTRL+N to go forward one history command at a time.

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