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I currently have Windows Vista and Fedora 15 dual booting on my system. I need to keep my vista for work related stuff, and as a fairly new Linux uses am having problems with drivers in Fedora (Wifi, Sound, Web Cam not working). I have used ubuntu on another system and find I am more comfortable with it.

I want to install the latest ubuntu over my fedora partition, but I dont want the loader to be populated with 5 or 6 different boot options.

I've read online that you can revert to the original windows logger by using the Windows CD, but I do not have that.

Can anyone guide me on how I can switch fedora with ubuntu and not have a grub logger that is full of invalid or left over boot options from having had Fedora?

Thanks in Advance

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First I would suggest you try Ubuntu (live) and test your hardware as some of the problems you are having may be dependent on the kernel, and not Fedora vs Ubuntu.

Assuming you simply prefer Ubuntu and/or your hardware is working and you wish to install Ubuntu, use the advanced partitioning and install Ubuntu into the Fedora partition(s)

At the partitioning screen choose "Something else"

something else

On the next screen, "specify partitions manually (advanced)"

specify partitions

That will replace your Fedora installation with Ubuntu.

See for a graphical walk through.

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I believe that Ubiquity 12.04 should be able to replace Fedora and keep your home in one go. I haven't tested it, however. If it does, but still keeps the entries in the grub menu, it's a bug. If you have the chance, please test it and comment. If you can't, say so in a comment and I'll try to find the time to do so before release. No promises.

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