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How can I save a URL in Google Chrome running under XFCE 4.8? There is no "save URL" option under the wrench menu and dragging the favicon simply doesn't work.

edit: I don't want to bookmark the URL, I want to save it on the disk (like in Windows: enter image description here).

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you want to bookmark the page ? – One Zero Feb 23 '12 at 9:56
no, i want to save it on the disk. – sterz Feb 23 '12 at 14:11
updated check...... – One Zero Feb 23 '12 at 14:39
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Click on Customize & control chromium (wrench) > Tools > Create Application Shortcuts

enter image description here

enter image description here

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wow, that was in a peculiar place. usually these use to be under file (or wrench) menu. would you by chance know how to do the same under iceweasel/firefox? – sterz Feb 23 '12 at 20:31

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