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I have no problem with Nautilus, but i"m used to Midnight Commander and it would be wonderful if i could have both of them working together.

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You can easily install it in your system opening a terminal and typing

sudo apt-get install mc

or look for mc or midnight commander in the Ubuntu Software Center.

After installing it you can just open the dash and look for it

enter image description here

and you can pin it to the Unity launcher simply by dragging the Midnight Commander icon to the desired position

enter image description here

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Yes you can run as many as you would like. Examples: Nautilus, Commander, Dolphin etc... Below is a link listing the most common ones used in Linux.

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thank you for adding this useful link scott!! (+1) – v2r May 6 '12 at 16:40

Yes, I am using Nautilus (default on Ubuntu 11) and Dolphin together and it works perfectly.

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